Decorative Epoxy Coating Options For Commercial Concrete Floors

Commercial floors can be quite demanding when it comes to style and durability. Ordinary flooring won’t stand a chance against the constant foot traffic during operating hours or other damaging elements of a commercial environment. The qualities of epoxy flooring provide an effective solution to this that can’t be found in ordinary flooring. In this article, we look into the different decorative epoxy coating options for commercial concrete floors.X Flake Blend Epoxy Flake blend [...]


How to Keep Weeds from Growing on Outdoor Concrete

Weed growth is one of the most common problems that affect outdoor concrete surfaces. This type of grass is very persistent and will grow back no matter how regularly we pull them out. The worst part is, they could grow even in the smallest of cracks on a concrete surface. It may seem harmless but its growth actually tears the concrete apart from inside. Here are some helpful tips to remove weeds and to [...]


3 Common (and Costly) Concrete Driveway Mistakes Made by Unprofessional Contractors

There are many contractors in San Jose, CA who offers concrete driveway services. It is so easy to just choose just anyone and have them do the work for you. You don’t even have to stick around and watch them work. However, a lot of things can go wrong if you are not careful in choosing a contractor. There are always bad contractors who are just in it for the money, not bothering to [...]


3 Maintenance Tips after a Concrete Resurfacing Project

There is no such thing as maintenance-free. Even with decorative concrete, cleaning and maintenance are necessary. The big difference is that it is simple and easy. High-end paving and flooring materials, like stone and wood, require tedious cleaning and special products to keep it in good shape all the time. Not only is that exhausting, it is also quite costly. So, what is involved in the maintenance process for concrete resurfacing? Dry Mopping Regular [...]