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The old tradition when it comes to old, damaged concrete flooring is to pull out the old one and re-pour a new slab. This is still done nowadays but not necessarily the first solution to minor damage. San Jose Concrete Repair Contractors offer protective systems are now available for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It is a great way of preserving the existing slab, reducing carbon footprint and landfill waste, while helping save time and money.

Nowadays, more and more people are relying on DIY repairs. While it is not prohibited, it is not highly recommended. If you want long-lasting results, it is best to leave the work to an expert. Although you might probably save from labor costs in a DIY, the time and energy you exert will not guarantee the results.

Top Options for Repairing Concrete

There are many ways concrete can get damaged. It can be through usage or exposure to something harmful. Fortunately, resurfacing and refinishing can easily repair surface damage. If the damage is anything deeper than the damage, say the steel reinforcement has become rusty and brittle, then a re-pour would be the best option. But for anything that only affects the surface, decorative concrete coatings and overlays can easily repair surfaces at a more affordable cost. Here are some of the most common issues and the recommended repairs for it:

  • Cracking on concrete are categorized into two types: working and non-working. A working crack is caused by something that moves, like water or soil, under the slab and often recurs. A non-working, on the other hand, is a crack caused by a one-time impact or anything that does not recur. A thin layer of stamped concrete overlay, spray texture, epoxy, or polyurea polyaspartic coating can fix small hairline cracks. For those a bit deeper and wider, products like a crack filler or sealant need to be applied prior to the resurfacing.
  • Scaling is the weakening of the surface, causing bits to chip off. There are many causes for this but the most common are freeze-thaw and deicing salt damage. A concrete mix can be used to fill the holes and then it can be resurfaced with a decorative concrete applications or overlay.
  • Stains can make any surface look dirty and unpleasant. Concrete also has the tendency to discolor, especially if it is quite old. If the slab is still pretty tough for further use, then staining it with an acid or water-based stain would be the best option. It helps disguise the stain while making the surface a lot more attractive.

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This depends on what type of repair needs to be done. If it is a resurfacing or refinishing, it would require a day or two to complete, depending on how big the job and how complicated the process involved.
While a DIY is possible, with all the tutorials available today, it is highly recommended to have concrete repair done by licensed contractors. The completed work is guaranteed and comes with a warranty. Also, it will save you time and energy.

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