Pool Deck Resurfacing San Jose

The dry and cool climate in San Jose provides the best setting for a dip in the swimming pool. To make the setting a lot more idyllic, why not resurface or refinish the concrete pool deck? Choosing the affordable option does not mean that durability and aesthetics need to be compromised. Pool decking San Jose coatings and overlays provide customizable looks at rates that won’t break the bank.

Decorative concrete overlay and coatings can be applied on the entire pool deck or on specific areas only. The most popular areas for enhancements are on the pool coping or border. The pool surround can be resurfaced with a stamped overlay. The rest of the deck can be sprayed with acrylic concrete. No matter which option you choose, the results are guaranteed to surpass your expectations.

The Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing

A concrete pool deck San Jose is often exposed to splashes of water, wet feet, and outdoor elements like rain and the sun’s UV rays. For an existing pool deck, it can be quite expensive to take it out and install a new one. If the deck is still structurally sound, then a resurface or a refinish is all it needs. The first idea that might have come to mind is painting pool deck’s surface. Although this is cheaper and highly popular, it is not recommended. Paint chips, flakes, and peels. An overlay adheres more effectively and lasts longer. Resurfaced surfaces are also more aesthetically pleasing than other more expensive materials. It is easier to clean and requires minimal maintenance measures.

Pool Deck Repair San Jose: Signs and Problems

The pool deck plays a huge role in making the entire pool area enjoyable. However, if the deck is damaged, the purpose is compromised. Imagine having to walk barefoot on cracks, holes, or on an unleveled deck. You might not even want to get into the pool at all if it means you have to walk through a hell of a deck. Cracks are the most common signs of damage. It could be due to wear and tear or something more serious underneath. A concrete pool deck San Jose spalls off when the top layer is weakened by freeze-thaw cycles. Frequent exposure to water and weather changes could also be culprits. Regardless of what damage may have caught your eye, it is highly recommended to have a pro take a look. They would be able to determine what pool deck repair San Jose can be done and they could detect problems that may not be visible yet. Deck repair San Jose will save you money if you immediately take this into action.

Recommended Applications for Concrete Pool Decks San Jose

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck – Highly recommended for outdoor surfaces, a stamped overlay would also work well on a pool deck. Regardless of the chosen pattern, the imprint helps make the surface slip-resistant. Stamping can be done on the whole pool decks San Jose or on chosen areas only, like the coping and borders. Stamped concrete can be stained with either water-based or acid stains.

Spray Knockdown Texture a slip resistance surface– One of the most popular materials for San Jose pool decking, this spray texture coating features a heat-reflective surface that keeps the deck cool to the feet even after baking in the sun. It features a unique texture similar to that of stucco but smoother. It can be customized with concrete stains, too.

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No. The installer may request for some pool water to be drained as necessary to be able to install a covering that will help protect the water from any coating or overlay to be installed.
It is recommended to keep water off of a newly resurfaced pool deck for a week or more. Constant exposure to water on a curing surface might weaken adherence.

For a basic resurfacing of a 750-square foot pool deck, this would range from $2,250 to $3,750 while a decorative overlay will cost from $5,250 to $9,000. As for stamped concrete, this costs $6,000 to $15,000.

Yes. This helps to level up your pool deck without tearing down the old one.

  1. Clean the pool deck. Pressure wash for thorough cleaning
  2. Repair existing cracks
  3. Mix the product properly. Follow the instructions provided.
  4. Apply the overlay on the pool deck
  5. Allow the overlay to cure


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