There is no such thing as maintenance-free. Even with decorative concrete, cleaning and maintenance are necessary. The big difference is that it is simple and easy. High-end paving and flooring materials, like stone and wood, require tedious cleaning and special products to keep it in good shape all the time. Not only is that exhausting, it is also quite costly. So, what is involved in the maintenance process for concrete resurfacing?

concrete resurfacing san joseDry Mopping

Regular mopping with a dry mop is enough to remove dust and restore the shine of a resurfaced concrete floor. This can be done daily or weekly, depending on how dirty the floors get. If foot traffic is high or if you have kids or pets, a daily routine is highly recommended.

The best type of mop to use for this purpose is microfiber. It creates a static electricity that makes dust and dirt stick, not just being pushed around.

Wet Mopping

Wet mopping is best for deep cleaning and removing stubborn dirt. This should be an occasional cleaning event. It could be done on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how often the floor is used. The only exception is the kitchen floor where spills are more likely to happen.

When wet mopping, make sure that you mix the cleaning solution as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Rinse the mop in the solution as you go. Use neutral-pH cleaners especially if you have kids or pets at home. Mild dishwashing soap that is safe for hands is highly recommended. It does not leave a slippery residual film, leaving the floor squeaky clean.

Outdoor Surfaces

For outdoor resurfaced surfaces, a bristle push broom could be used to remove dirt, especially in grooves or joints. You may also pressure wash the area with a mild detergent. Just make sure to rinse it thoroughly. Pressure washing should only be done occasionally as the pressure could cause harm to the coating or sealer.

After your concrete resurfacing project is done, it is but natural for you to want to keep it looking new and in tip-top condition. It is highly recommended to ask your contractor about aftercare tips. Take note of the type of sealer used as well just in case you need to buy a cleaner and would want something that will work with what you have. The durability and longevity of your concrete rely on the level of maintenance you apply.

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