While a swimming pool is a very important facility in any home, the deck and coping around it are just as essential. A concrete pool deck and coping makes the pool experience more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable. A coping is a material that covers the spot where the edge of the swimming pool meets with the edge of the deck. It is a cap to make the edge safer, more comfortable, and more convenient. Here are some of the most popular types of material used for pool decks and pool copings:

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Brick is one of the most classic materials used for outdoor walls and surfaces. Although it is not often used on pool decks, it is a popular choice for copings. It can be installed parallel to the edge of the pool or like one row of a stacked bond pattern. Brick makes the pool area more decorative. It is a slip-resistant material so it is a safe surface to walk on even when wet. The average cost could be somewhere between $25-$30 per linear foot.


The great thing about pavers is that it comes in a wide range of shapes. You can incorporate a pattern or design with the few colors that they come in. This requires a professional install to ensure that the pieces are fitted together appropriately and that the whole surface is leveled enough to prevent water from puddling in one spot. The average cost of paver installation is $20-$25 per linear foot.

Natural Stone

There are many different types of natural stone that can be used as paving materials. The most popular for pool decks and copings are flagstone, travertine, slate, and more. This is more expensive, ranging between $35-$55 per linear foot, because the stone may need to be shipped in, cut and flattened, and installation requires the skill of an expert mason.


Tile has always been a popular material for areas that often get wet, however, it is not the most slip-resistant of pool deck materials. Nowadays, though, there are non-skid tiles you could use for pool decking and coping. Outdoor tile costs somewhere between $2 to $6 per square foot.

Stamped Concrete

A stamped overlay is a practical choice because it is durable but affordable. It can be made to look like the materials mentioned here and much more. This, however, needs to be installed with a cantilever to support it. A stamped overlay costs something like around $12 per square foot, depending on many factors like pattern, colors, and job size.

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