Experts epoxy floors San Jose are now working with OSHA to provide a workplace safe for everyone. Floor safety includes sanitized spaces and those which are free of hazardous factors such as broken tiles or concrete, even stained floorings, which can breed different bacteria. 

Even if people get stuck working from home during times of pandemic (like what’s happening now), you still have to consider opening public offices in the near future.

men working on an epoxy floor

So it’s high time that commercial space owners heighten efforts to keep the workforce safe during this pandemic season.

One of the standards of the Safety and Hazard Authority of the USA is having even and durable floorings. Workspaces must have dent-free floors for safety.

Flooring Standards For Occupational Safety

Several factors determine safety. The OSHA or Occupational Safety and Hazard Authority provide business owners standards among workplaces. There are five main features that you have to know:

  • Food safe environment
  • Flooring conditions
  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Joint free surfaces
  • Anti-Static Surface
newly coated epoxy floor warehouse

Environmentally Friendly

Epoxy is user-friendly. Making it safe to use even during work hours. It is more environmentally friendly than paint and any other adhesive coating materials. 

Also, epoxy coats the concrete slabs from corner to corner, leaving no gaps, holes, or uncovered surfaces. When the slabs are free from any voids and open pores, no germs or bacteria can find an entry to breed into the slabs. Thus making the floors sanitary and microbes-free for a healthy and food-safe environment.

Safer Surface

Epoxy has the power to make a flawless surface. It automatically creates a flooring harm-free with a smooth and even surface. With this, you’ll be sure that no one meets trip and fall accidents in your workspaces. 

In addition, epoxy coatings can also enhance a surface’s anti-static features. So use this when you need to enhance the safety of electronic stores, laboratories, and other workspaces with wires and electricity in use 24/7.

Keep the employees safe by providing sanitary and stable steps. Whenever there is concrete, finishing it with epoxy will make it safer for those who work in public spaces.

It's Unique and Impressive

Imagine working on a building’s 11th floor, and looking at the ground through the glass window of an elevator is a stunning scene. Get impressive, custom flooring designs with epoxy.

Or have your brand name and logo printed at the center of the floor. Impress your clients and guests with that mural on the floor display.

Aesthetics should not only be your goal when enhancing public spaces. Make sure that the surface is even and seamless, free from joint cracks. 

floor being coated with epoxy

You will provide a seamless working flow inside the building or office and present a seamless visual that is easy on the eye for the employees and guests.

High-Impact Resistant

A floor’s durability is measured by how much tension and weight it can withstand in a given time. Concrete floorings are durable, but when treated with resin coatings, their durability surpasses ordinary cemented floors. Coating the slabs increases its resistance to impacts from falling heavy objects.

Thus epoxy is the best surface material for lounges, forklift areas, and massive machine-filled workplaces.

We hope with these listed benefits, we convinced you to coat your floorings. You can always contact your local resurfacing contractor for further inquiries.

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