Nothing beats the fun of splashing into the pool. With that said, a swimming pool adds excellent value to your property. As time goes by, your pool area becomes damage. It takes a lot of beating from constant use and heavy traffic when guests gather here.

Treat your pool decks with the right solutions. But to do this, you first need to identify the common causes of cracks, chipping, and flakes on the concrete pool decks.


Common Causes of Pool Deck Damage

When you see cracks, chips, and flaking on the pool surfaces, the first thing you want to know is what causes those damages? Understanding the problem leads you to pick out the right solutions.

1- Unleveled decks due to improper soil expansion

The number reason why your pool decks are out of level with the ground is poor soil expansion. Concrete joints are not correctly installed. When this happens, the base that expands under weather changes will not have enough spaces to contract and expand. 

When the soils underneath move, they need spouses to move under sublayers. If not then, there is no other way for the ground to go but to bump and crack the layer on top. And that is how you got uneven pool pickings.

2- Tree Roots Crawling under your pool area.

Natural occurrences such as tree roots crawling below the ground are one major cause of pool decking damage, just like what was mentioned in number one, the ground beneath moves. Also, the roots of the trees are massive. They can cut through concrete materials. They can break them as they push themselves out in the open ground. 

Once you see cracks on the concreted decks appear, have a quick inspection. If you notice trees around the edge of the swimming area, then there are probably roots found under. There is no other way for them to go but to break through the solid surfaces. Thus, caracks on the poo deck happen.

3- Poor concrete Installation

Now, reason number three talk about human-made problems. A previous installer may have put on faulty concrete around your pool. The concrete mix should be entirely cured before sealing it. When you seal the concrete pool decking without having the fresh layers dry, it is bound to chip, flake, and crack. 

Another reason for weak concrete is inadequate reinforcement. When it is thin or the substrates lack proper support, the concrete will erode and crumble beneath.

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What to Do: Resurfacing Options for damaged Pools

Resurfacing is a cost-efficient solution to fix those common pool decking damages. Repairing the cracks and restoring the right level of the decks do not need complex and expensive methods.

Concrete Overlay Stamping 

Pour on an overlay of new concrete to your chipping or cracking pool deck. You do not need to pay for the huge machine to dig out the damaged decks. Overlays attached themselves to the old ones. Stamping makes it look appealing. The stamped designs offer you to choose from wood, brick, slate patterns. 

Knockdown Finish

A spray knockdown finish will cover up the concrete surface. This service is best for pool decks if you want o to upgrade them with a cooling surface. It uses acrylic=based coating. What it does is reflect heat once the sun beamed on the concrete deck’s surface.

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